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About Us

Introducing the Art and Cultural Institute of Khorasan

The Art and Cultural Institute of Khorasan was founded in 2001 and obtained ownership of the popular Khorasan newspaper.
Members of the Board of Trustees of the Institute are appointed for a period of 5 years from the Office of the Supreme Leader. The Institute produces a variety of cultural products, while Khorasan newspaper with 68 years of age is the major product of this institute.
Several other newspapers, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and special thematic periodicals of cultural, political, social and Sport, Office of Research, Center for media training, publications, Classified Ads, distribution and sharing, Bank of electronic archives and electronic media "Latest news" one of as the most visited Persian applications and the equipped and advanced "Printing City", are among other products and facilities of this institute.

Products of the Art and Cultural Institute of Khorasan


Khorasan Newspaper


Khorasan Newspaper was established in early June 1949 with the slogan "Dear Brother, here is Khorasan, Speaking is not easy here". Until 1998 it would be published locally, in The Great Khorasan province, therefore it can be regarded as the country's oldest local newspaper. In January25, 1999, it started to be distributed simultaneously in Mashhad and Tehran. It continued its countrywide distribution to the point that it is presently the mostly distributed newspaper of the East and according to the Deputy Minister of Culture, it is now among the nation's top 5 newspapers.
The owner and managing director of it was Mohammad Sadeq Tehranian, and in this era this newspaper continued to be released until 1979 without interruption, but at a time of lasting for 24 days in November and December 1978 it went on strike and ceased to be released as a sign of solidarity with the revolutionary people of Iran, Like other newspapers, Khorasan underwent changes after the Islamic Revolution. In May 1980, it was confiscated and transferred to the Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation, , and in another era it was transferred to The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans and then Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, then finally The Art and Culture Institute of Khorasan was established in 2001 , The owner of it transferred to Institute.
Now, Khorasan newspaper
Khorasan Newspaper now is publishing in 16 pages consisting of news, political, social, economic and cultural issues, with 64 yellow pages, 4 pages devoted to Sports Khorasan, 4 pages about Islamic lifestyle, and 8 pages devoted to the provincial newspapers (for each region) attached to this newspaper.




Khorasan Razavi Newspaper

After the division of Khorasan province into 3 provinces in 2004, it would necessitate to publish 3 separate newspapers in provinces of Khorasan Razavi, as well as North and South Khorasan. In order to maintain contact with the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) and for strengthening the spiritual identity as well as reflecting issues particular to these provinces, specialized issues were first published on a daily basis. Khorasan`s first special Edition was published in 4 pages on October 4th, 2004, and shortly after the favorable reception the audience this Special Edition was promoted to 8 pages, and it was in June 21st 2012 that Khorasan Razavi newspaper was granted publication permit and ever since it has continued its activity in 8 pages in domains of economic, social, cultural, artistic, sporting , cities and coments



North Khorasan newspaper

The largest provincial newspaper is " North Khorasan", and the idea of publishing it was raised after the division of Khorasan province in to 2 three parts. North Khorasan was published in the form of a 4-page special supplement to the Khorasan newspaper in October 12th 2008, until the licenses to publish this newspaper was issued. This newspaper continues its activities indignantly in Bojnourd with trained and experienced staff of about 100 employees, reporters and correspondents. However, it is printed in the Khorasan newspaper printing city in Mashhad.
Diversity and cultural richness of Northern Khorasan and abundance of enormous agricultural and industrial potentialities of this region, further necessitated a media which could help to foster these capabilities and develop North Khorasan Province culturally, politically, socially and economically. North Khorasan newspaper being warmly received in the region during this period bears witness to the fact that this newspaper has been able to provide a successful track record in North Khorasan province


South Khorasan


The idea of South Khorasan newspaper was raised after the division of Khorasan province, and preparations for its publication began in the waning days of June 2004. The first Special Edition of Khorasan newspaper supplement titled "South Khorasan" was published in the June 22nd 2004 in 4 pages and then pursuant to the warm reception of audience the number of pages increased to 8 in 17th July 2008. Such increase in the number of pages became concurrent with the issuance of South Khorasan newspaper publication permit in 19 July 2008 by the Press Supervisory Board.
The purpose of publishing this paper was to strengthen the cultural richness of South Khorasan province, lack of a political, social and cultural newspaper in this province, and preventing the cultural gap between provinces of Khorasan Razavi, North and South Khorasan, as well as the request of the warm-blooded people of South Khorasan. Cooperation of the people and the authorities of this province resulted in South Khorasan newspaper turning into the most popular newspaper of the province. All technical phases of this newspaper is done in Birjand, and only its printing is done in Mashhad and it is distributed in all cites of South Khorasan



Sistan and Baluchestan newspaper